Modifications on Pan Am's B 727-2x fleet
Pan Am has modified its fleet to meet with Flight Aviation Regulation requirements on Stage 3 noise limits. In layman's terms, the planes are less noisy and help to improve conditions of those living near our destinations. A few modifications to the airplane can be seen when you look at our airplanes while getting ready for boarding.

Winglets at the little vertical piece at the tip of the wing. They have the Pan Am globe painted on them and are apparent even from a distance. The modification helps to decrease wing drag by cutting down on the vortex created by airflow around the wing. This helps with both the noise and the fuel efficiency. The winglets not only look cool, but help with fuel economy and noise.


Engine Modification-
The engines have been outfitted with special parts and kits that further reduce the noise of the engine. They act almost like a automobile muffler in their function, though they are physically and mechanically very different. These hush kits contain parts that cannot be seen from the ground, but a few of the various kits do contain parts visible from the ground. These look like little stove grills attached to the back of the engine. They manipulate the airflow of the exhaust to reduce engine noise. The interior components do similar functions and are not visible from the ground.