Boeing 727-121/200 Adv.

Pan American ordered 25 B 727-121 on February 1st 1965. Theese aircraft should replace the piston engine aircrafts at the short and mid range services. After the merger with National Airlines Pan Am owned 97 B 727 in all variations. Theese aircrafts fits very well into the Pan Am system and they did a good job over the years.  The last B 727-200 gome from Lufthansa to Pan Am in 1986.
The new Pan Am is operating B727-2x even today with some modifications.

Type Boeing B 727-121 /200 
Engines 3 Pratt & Withney JT8D (14,000lb thrust each) 
Max gross take off weight 71 tons
Range  1700 / 2000 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 132ft, 108ft, 34ft
Speed 580 mph
Seats 94 / 163