Douglas DC-8-32

Pan Am and Douglas were partners for the last almost 30 years. But in the first years of the 1950's PAn Am started to flirt with Boeing. Douglas was luckey to catch an order over 25 Douglas DC-8-32 from Pan Am. Never the less Pan Am only took 19 of the airliners and went for the rest of its life to Boeing. Thoose aircraft were the last Pan Am bought from Douglas ever. The first Dc-8-32 went into service with Pan Am February 2nd 1961 as "Clipper Cathay" almost 2 year after the first 707. Pan Am sold all their DC-8 by September 1969. The last 707 went out of service in 1981...

Type Douglas DC-8-32
Engines 4 Pratt & Withney JT4A-11 (17,500 lb thrust each)
Max gross take off weight 157 tons
Range  3500 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 151ft, 142ft, 42ft
Speed 590 mph
Seats 127