McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10/30

The DC-10-10 went into servive on October 24th 1971 with American Airlines. National was the third airline to put the DC10 into service. When Pan Am took over National on January 7th 1980 National had 11 of the DC-10-10 ond already ordered 5 of the long range version DC-10-30. Pan Am had trouble to integrate the new airliner because it was as new as the 12 Lockheed L-1011 Tristars which Pan Am had ordered only four month of the National merger. The General Electric CF6-6 were new also since Pan Am had only Pratt&Whitney so far. One of the DC-10 went to United with the sold of the pacific devision. The rest went out of service in the mid '80 when Ed Acker was chairman.

Type McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10/30
Engines 3 General Electric CF6-6 (40,000 lb thrust each)
Max gross take off weight 215 tons
Range  2760 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 181/182 ft, 155/165 ft, 58ft
Speed 590 mph
Seats 270