Boeing 747-121

With this aircraft Pan Am showed again its leadership in the commercial aviation in the 60's and 70's. On April 13th, 1966 Juan T. Trippe placed an order for 25 Boeing B747-121! Each B 747 cost 21 mio$ and the complete order had an value of 525 mio$. Pan Am was very involved in this aircraft very much with money and people. With placing this big order the last step was done to build the B 747. Of course Pan Am was the launching customer of the aircraft but with this honor the airline had also fix the problems of the B 747. But finally on Jan 22nd 1970 the new giant of the skys departed Pan Am's World Port at JFK to London.  The first B 747 was named Jet Clipper "Young America" later renamed to Clipper "Constitution" and went out of service in 1991 as Clipper "Pride of the Sea".

Type Boeing B 747-100 /200 /300
Engines 4 Pratt & Withney JT9D (43,500 lb. thrust each)
Max gross take off weight 710,000 lb
Range  5500 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 231ft, 1961ft, 63ft
Speed 589 mph
Seats 370