Boeing 720B

The B 707's did well on all the routes they flew, but there was a market for a smaller Jet than the B707 and the DC-8 program. So Boeing launched a new airliner the B 720, a not well known aircraft, because of its relative short live before the B 727 was introduced into service in the mid 60's. So Boeing shorted the fuselage 16 ft and the span 15ft and the B 720 was born. The launching customer was United. Pan Am had only nine of them because of the B 727 Pan Am bought. This aircraft take much of the routes the B 720 was designated to serve.

Type Boeing B 720B
Engines 4 Pratt & Withney JT3C-3 (18,000 lb thrust each) 
Max gross take off weight 115 tons
Range  5000 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 137ft, 131ft, 38ft
Speed 600 mph
Seats 12733