Boeing 707-120

The jet age for Pan American began on October 13th 1955, when Juan T. Trippe ordered 45 new jet airliners. He put 25 orders to Douglas for their DC-8-32 and even 20 to Boeing on the 707. It was the begin of a new time line and Pan Am made the step into it. In the late 50' only few airlines are interessted in serving any jets on their routs. But Trippe thought aheat and all the other airlines were surprised by the succesess of Pan Am with their 707s.
But Pan American got the lead until 1991!

Type Boeing B 707-120
Engines 4 Pratt & Withney JT3C-6 (13,500hp each) 
Max gross take off weight 124 tons
Range  3000 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 145ft, 131ft, 39ft
Speed 600 mph
Seats 143