Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

This was the first "real big" landplane Pan American ordered. After the fail of the merger with T.W.A. in 1947 Pan Am was locking to get an advantege of T.W.A. Juan T. Trippe, Pan Am's president had ordered 20 Boeing 377 Stratocruisers on November 28, 1945. The first went into service at the San Francisco - Honolulu route on April 1st, 1949. Several other routes were followed and soon Stratocruiseres were bee seen all over Pan Am's big network! After Pan Am's merger with American Overseas Airlines, the airline had a total of 28 aircrafts of that type. One of the real nice features of that aircraft was the lounge and bar at the lower deck.

Type Boeing B 377 Stratocruiser
Engines 4 Pratt & Withney R-4360 (3500hp each) 
Max gross take off weight 142,500 lb
Range  2450 statute miles
Lenght, Span, Height 110ft, 141ft, 38ft
Speed 340 mph
Seats 86